Best Gifts for the Tech Loving Man in Your Life

 I’ve got some definite tech lovers in my family, so this list was really easy to put together.  Some are past successes that I wish I could just give again, others will be making their appearance at the next holiday season. Thankfully, my husband and Dad have both agreed not to read this post (it will be really hard for them, I’m sure), so I can be totally honest with you. 🙂  They also both weighed in on these ideas, so I can tell you exactly what they were thinking.

Here we go!  The best gifts for the tech loving man in your life:


Figuring out what to buy a dad can be the hardest thing ever, but they all LOVE tech gadgets! Here's a great list to get you started.



There’s one tech gift that tops them all these days – a drone!

More than just a remote helicopter, these drones actually have cameras.

That means they can be used for way more than just playing around (and I’m not talking about spying).  You can take pictures of your house from the air!


Virtual Reality Goggles

If you’re looking for a techy gift that’s just a lot of fun, this is it – virtual reality goggles!

Virtual reality goggles are the new age of video games, so anyone that spent a portion of their youth playing Mario Brothers will get a kick out of what’s possible today.

And surprisingly, these don’t break the bank!


Pebble Watch

I got this watch for my husband last year for Father’s Day and he recently told me it was his favorite gift of the whole year.  And since the iWatch just came out, your tech loving Dad (or husband) has probably been eyeing up a gadget like this anyways.  The Pebble luckily is way cheaper than the iWatch and does pretty much all of the same things (a lot of people think it’s way better).  And if you ask me, it looks a lot nicer too. Plus they just came out with their latest version – the Pebble Time Round – and it looks awesome!


Amazon Echo

I was on a waiting list for the Amazon Echo for ALMOST 6 MONTHS!  But it finally arrived (in time for Father’s Day) and it was a huge hit.  It’s a lot of fun to mess around with (of course – it’s a robot!) and it’s also really practical for playing music and answering questions when you want to be hands-free (like cooking or playing around with the kids).  My son has picked up on the functionality too – one of his first words was Alexa (Echo’s name).


Amazon Dot

The Amazon Dot is Amazon’s newest release and it’s a smaller, more compact version of the Echo.  There are two big differences between the Echo and Dot – 1. The Echo is taller and has a higher quality speaker, and 2. The Dot is a fraction of the price of the Echo.  Reportedly, the speaker is still pretty good with the Dot, so as far as the best value is concerned, it’s your best bet.  But if you still want the best of the best, you may want to cough up the extra change for the Echo.


Automatic Car Adapter

This is the ultimate high-tech gadget for any man with a car (seriously). The Automatic car adapter connects to your car and basically tells you anything you need to know about your car from your phone. It has a GPS locator, so it can tell you where you’re parked (or where your teenager is if they’re driving your car), it can tell you exactly why your Check Engine light is on, it will remind you to slow down if you’re driving over the speed limit, and can provide assistance if you’re in a car accident. The app that connects to the adapter is free, so you’ll also be constantly getting new services as they’re developed.


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker wirelessly connects with your phone to play whatever music you want to listen to.  It’s a tiny little gadget with great sound that can go anywhere.  We have one and use it ALL. THE. TIME. Outside, inside, you name it.  It’s amazing.  It’s normally $100, but you can get it off of Amazon for $25.  Quite a steal for something this cool.


Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I just told you how cool the normal bluetooth speaker is…now, what if I told you that you could suction it to a shower wall, boat, or pool?  Until I discovered this awesome gadget, we just left our classic speaker outside of the shower (which still worked great).  But as with all tech gadgets, it’s way better if you own multiple devices with their own little functions (plus, you can get this one for an even better deal on Amazon – I was able to get my husband one for $15).



My entire family has Fitbits and we’re all obsessed with them. They’re basically a wristband that tracks your steps so you know how active (or inactive) you’ve been.  If your dad is a techie and active, then this is the gift for him.  You can also compete with other FitBit-ers, which is amazing motivation when you’re trying to keep moving.


Cufflink Flash Drives

These are for the tech loving Dad who also wishes he was James Bond (which I think goes hand in hand).  Because who doesn’t want a secret flash drive hidden in their cufflinks?  You never know when you’ll need to exchange files during a black tie event…or maybe just a great conversation starter (that in itself is a great gift for a Dad).


Rechargeable Batteries

This is a pretty unexciting innovation that will eventually transform one of the most dreaded dad chores: changing batteries.  These rechargeable batteries still need to be recharged once they’re dead (pretty obvious with the name…), BUT you will never have to buy new batteries again! Just recharge.


Multi-Tool Gadget

Your tech loving Dad might not be a fix-it Dad, but his tech gadgets certainly come with a few requirements – like micro-screws and super-strong bindings and a range of other things that all require special little tools. These micro multi-tool gadgets are small enough to keep in a laptop bag or office drawer (and another great gift under $25).  It took some teeth-pulling to get my Dad to list his favorite tech gadgets under $25, but once i did, this was the #1 winner.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

This was another great suggestion that came straight from my Dad. I knew instantly it would make the list because my husband has a collection of noise cancelling headphones.  Ironically, these are one of the priciest gifts on the list so it may be something to save for another occasion, but if you’re willing to spend on a decent pair, your Dad will love them!


Bluetooth Gloves

I’m not quite sure this gift has a technical purpose, but it is one of the greatest novelty tech gifts for the Dad (or husband) that has everything. They are basically gloves that work as a phone.  You literally connect them to your phone wirelessly and talk through them as if you’re holding a pretend phone to your ear.  My Dad has a pair and has a great time using them (this is another gift perfect for the James Bond-loving man).



By this point you’re Dad probably already has a roku or Apple TV or one of the various competitors.  But THIS Roku plugs in like a flash drive…which means it’s totally portable.  I got this for my husband for his birthday and he’s been able to bring it with him when he travels and just plug it right into his hotel’s TV. It’s an awesome tech device if your Dad likes to travel.




Some links on this page may contain affiliate links.  This means that if you purchase one of those items, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own and I will never recommend a product that I wouldn’t (or haven’t) purchased myself. 

If you're looking for gift ideas for Father's Day, check out this list of tech gifts for dad!


Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Favours Have Been Revealed


A pretty sweet treat (sorry)

Guests at Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ wedding will have left the festivities with a very sweet taste in their mouths – quite literally.

According to Hello! Online, guests were each given a very personal wedding favour to take home: a selection of personalised marshmallows. The unique gifts are thought to be from Boomf, which her brother, James Middleton, founded in 2013.

All 350 guests who attended the wedding breakfast were gifted the sweet treats, which were complete with the bride and groom’s initials. Aww.

It’s also just been revealed that Kate Middleton made this seriously sweet contribution to Pippa’s ceremony.

Meanwhile the menu for Pippa and James’ wedding breakfast has been revealed – and we have to say, it looked pretty good.

It seems like the wedding day was wonderful for both the bride and groom and all who attended.

Watch this space for more news on the finite details of Pippa’s big day.

On – 25 May, 2017 By Lucy Abbersteen

Papercut flower cake toppers

Pretty Floral Cake Toppers

in DIY Party Decor



Love It

Floral Cake DecorationsSpring Flower Cake Decorations

Anyone who is familiar with the site knows how much we love making paper flowers. There are endless ways to use them for decor. One way to add in a little floral accent to a wedding or celebration is to make flower cake toppers. They are super easy to craft and they can really elevate your event set-up! We first added the paper flower arrangement to our cake, then wrapped it with a scalloped edge cut from birch paper.

Tools & Materials

  • Scissors or Cutting Machine
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Text Weight Papers in various colors
  • Small Gold Beads
  • Toothpicks
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Birch Paper

Crafting your Flowers

There are 3 different flower designs included in the download at the bottom of the post. Use the SVG file with a cutting machine, or print the PDF if you are cutting by hand. We used Cricut’s Pearl Papers for our mid-century mod color palette, and you can find a link in the Shop this Project section. Pick any color palette that matches with your specific event decor! We usually always use toothpicks for our cupcake decor, but to create more of an artsy display with our flower cake toppers we used wooden skewers. That way we could set them at different heights for visual interest. Finish off the flowers by adding a little gold bead to the centers, and the end result is like a big burst of color on the cake!

Cake & Cupcake Wrappers

To go with our floral cupcake toppers, we cut cake and cupcake out of birch paper. It provided a great neutral complement to the saffrons and greens in our arrangement. When cutting the wood paper, we recommend cutting with the grain length-wise. If you are using a cutting machine, this means setting the paper up parallel to the machine. The template for the cupcake wrappers includes a tab to secure it around your cupcake, and you can use an x-acto knife to cut this slit if you are using the PDF version.

Get Inspired!

Are these flowery cake decorations inspiring you to incorporate more paper flowers into your life? Check out all of our metallic paper flower tutorials or crepe paper flower projects for ideas on seasonal bouquets that you can display in your home! Head over to our membership page to start crafting with us, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily DIY inspiration. We love seeing your project photos, so feel free to share them with us using #DIYDreamingWithLia. Until next time! ~ Lia & Team

Flower Cake ToppersFlower Cake DecorPaper Flower Cupcake ToppersPearl Paper | Birch Paper


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17 cute cake toppers for the ultimate gay wedding cake · PinkNews

Planning the perfect wedding day can be tough.

And the cake means so much – not just for the eating, or the cutting. But for getting the perfect cake topper.

There are now many same-sex cake toppers to pick from, so we’ve listed 17 of the cutest.

Although we don’t recommend having 17 cakes. Or 17 marriages.

1. Birds looks SO cute in top hats.

2. As do penguins, nautrally.

3. For the gothic gay wedding.

4. Or the hula lover. 

5. This is just adorable.

6. Totally huge in Shoreditch.

7. When they go low, we go classy.

8. Or kinky. Kinky is good.


10. The silent g in gnome obviously stands for “gay”.


12. The gentlemen cake toppers.

13. Or the suited and booted ladies.


(Courtesy of Mel Cowell Photography)

15. And these fun guys.

16. DOG!

17. And these guys, who are totally winning the cake topper contest, hands down.

All images, beside number 14, via Etsy.

On – 13 Jan, 2017 By Benjamin Butterworth

Listing Your Craft Without It Getting Lost

Detailing Your Craft Without It Getting Shed

The most successful businesspeople you will ever see online have one thing in common. They learned how to market online prior to just simply pitching in. Whether it took a long period of time to find out or whether they chose it up rapidly, nobody ever before made money online without recognizing ways to. Read this short article so you could discover how it’s done.

Create a consistent color design for your brand name throughout all your internet marketing initiatives to assist make a further perception of your brand name in people’s minds. When people begin to connect a specific shade with a certain brand, any time they see that color design, even if it runs out the context of your promotion, they will remember your brand; it’s virtually like complimentary advertising and marketing!

Your site must not have the look of a marketing haven. Location text-based advertising tastefully, making it pertinent to the content around it. You will certainly appreciate more click profits with company, and your web site will look a lot more cohesive as well as organized. If your advertising is easy to browse, your customers will certainly reveal their appreciation.

Locate methods to boost your advertising strategies by utilizing software that evaluates the statistics of your website. Choose an analytics program that tracks details such as just how customers browse your web site, how many brand-new and return clients are seeing your pages, and also which item classifications are most often checked out. Programs such as Yahoo! Internet Analytics can even supply you with real-time data so you could swiftly evaluate the performance of sales, promotions as well as new products.

Online marketing is ending up being a growing number of typical with social medai websites. There is an upside to this that you have a huge market penetration value yet there is likewise a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that a lot of the people who make use of these sorts of sites are extremely smart regarding marketing.

Do not let a “404” attack your network. There is absolutely nothing more aggravating than to click a web link, just to have it tell you the page has relocated. When you relocate or alter a web page, supply a redirect permitting the online search engine to navigate your consumer to the correct page, also if the link they carry document is invalid.

Give yourself significance in your online marketing ads by utilizing the words “crucial” or “essential”. If they believe your product is something they can not live without, they’ll feel they require it and purchase right away. As an example, my tips are vital to your web marketing success, so continuously review the rest on this site!

It is important to understand your viewers prior to you begin an internet marketing program. This will certainly aid you to offer even more of your products or services considering that you will certainly have the ability to target your particular consumers. This will certainly likewise assist you obtain consumers that go back to buy even more from you and refer other clients.

Understanding just how you could use certain pointers and also methods that are available, to plot a method of success, is how you will, eventually, profit in any type of kind of online business. Maybe you’re currently doing well and also simply require an increase or perhaps you’re brand new to it all. Despite which, utilize the simple suggestions above to help you revenue.

The Best Guide On How To Be Successful In Article Marketing

The Best Overview On How you can Succeed In Article Marketing

Some concepts of company are rather obvious, like the concepts of supply as well as need. Some elements of business, like market identification, for instance, could be fairly hard to realize. If you want to understand the best ways to make post advertising work for you to make sure that you could raise the size of your company, take note of this write-up.

Make up an ebook with your finest articles. Ebooks are hot, as well as individuals feel they are obtaining a bargain when thy get them. Load your ebook with alreadying existing posts and add in some new material. See to it your brand is clearly displayed on the ebook to make sure that individuals will certainly notice it as the ebook obtains passed around.

Supplying a complimentary eBook of articles you have currently composed is an excellent means to market your post writing capacities. Offer the cost-free eBook to create more web traffic to your website as well as attempt to encourage people to leave you their email which will help with the connection building of future e-mail marketing also. Composing an eBook will efficiently promote your proficiency in a particular niche also.

Sign up with the blogging community to improve your blog site’s effect. A blog utilized for internet marketing purposes is just as successful as its web traffic allows it be. To urge increased blog audience, comply with blog sites that discuss the very same topics yours does. Talk about those blogs, with enlightening, important details and connect to your own blog site. This can encourage various other blog writers and their readers to see you.

Before you submit your article, it’s a great idea to do a search on its title to create definitely that there typically aren’t already loads of other posts out there with the very same or extremely similar titles. If so, locate a method to put in other words the title so that it will attract attention from the crowd.

To be a successful write-up online marketer, you need to agree to do more than the various other marketer. You could not even know another write-up marketer, but you need to assume that there’s an individual around functioning as you read this. This suggests you have a lot of catching up to do, so obtain tight with your ad campaign.

If you run an associate program along with an article marketing program, see to it that your affiliates make complete usage of the short articles you produce. Your material can develop harmony as well as advantage both you and also your associates. When affiliates use your posts, they enhance your direct exposure. They likewise acquire beneficial material for their own web sites.

When it pertains to marketing your articles, concentrate on your content. Your content needs to practically make you seem like you’re a specialist or an individual who has at least a great knowledge of the topic. This will additionally obtain you dedicated readers who will trust your details and also will certainly return to review fresh content on your site.

Now that you have actually discovered some terms, tactics as well as ideas concerning post advertising, it’s time that you place this details to utilize. Just the most effective information will certainly allow you to accurately craft a master plan and follow up with it. So bear in mind to always refer back to these suggestions if you ever before need help with your company.

Lets Save Money on Scrapbooking

Lets Save Money on Scrapbooking

Have you constantly intended to discover more about conserving cash with Scrapbooking Then I am specific you have actually pertained to the proper place.

This brief write-up will serve to you as it describes some basic concepts in a fundamental, clear, enticing style. Hope you like it.

Scrapbooking has actually caught the hearts – and wallets – of numerous creative crafters. How often do we skim the sales leaflets of well-known craft shops? Our eyes light up when we see scrapbook articles noted there. Yes! We are on our method, yet unfortunately it is hard to get merely those things noted on the sales flyer. There are many things that would be best for that web page that is vivid in our minds eye.

Do not misery. You do not have to ravage your interest-bearing account to make that unique web page which will certainly journal those significant minutes for generations to come. Below are some unique ways to maintain your purse secure while developing truly individual artworks.

Exactly what could possibly be a far better area for journalizing the events of a wedding celebration than things from the wedding event itself hang on to the napkins, programs, ribbons, invites, and so on from the weddings, bridal showers, child showers or birthday celebrations you visit. Use them to relate the tale of the unforgettable events that you are preserving so wonderfully. You will certainly have terrific material absolutely free.

There is power in numbers try networking. You most probably have close friends that scrapbook. Gathering and also purchase items bulk or wholesale and separate the price. Check out on the internet discount shops as well as look out completely free shipping websites for additional financial savings. Friends help friends conserve money, eh!

Exactly what you have actually discovered has the capacity to transform the means you see Scrapbooking in the future, it is not as expensive as it seems in the beginning. As well as there is even more to come …

Steer clear of craft establishments, I am not speaking about surrendering crafting, but craft establishments are not the only places around that sell the ribbons and also documents that you want. Examine at your community buck establishments. You will certainly be astonished at the amount of frequently utilized items equipping their shelves. You could want to get online and also look in on the many discount shops on the internet. Maintain an eagle eye for deals on your daily purchasing journeys to trim bucks from your scrap booking costs.

Those one-time items are not actually affordable so stock up on a number of use products. You will certainly have the ability to obtain more for your cash if you keep items accessible that will go with a mixture of styles. When you are going shopping, opt for basic documents and also ribbons that will benefit birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, and summer vacations. You will conserve time, gas money, and will certainly not be lured to yield on seductive impulse things.

Treasure hunting is a bunch of fun, yet you have got to keep your eyes ready for get the gold. Look for end-of-season, or after-the-holiday sales. Those red velour Christmas ribbons would certainly be excellent for a Valentine web page. Do not hesitate to scan the aisles of neighborhood thrift shops. Have you tried looking for free examples, the majority of marketing firms offer tons of totally free examples? You never ever understand just what you will certainly uncover up until you lay out to check out.

You can still have fun, as well as be economical as well. Watchful customers get exactly what they desire – without shelling out way too much cash.

I hope you have actually discovered this advice useful as well as got information of worth from the short article.

In case there is any certain part that is unclear sufficient, or that you would love to understand even more about, please write to allow me know as well as I will certainly try and also update the short article or create another one entering better specific.

The Best Time For Marketing…

The very best Time For Advertising and marketing …

The very best time for advertising is when they typically aren’t acquiring.

Be sensible. If you aren’t selling the most popular brand-new style or product for holiday gift-giving, it’s hard to obtain any person to think about getting your product or service from Thanksgiving via Xmas and New Year’s. That’s a six week lean selling stretch for bunches of sales specialists. When you are attempting to hit your quarterly as well as year-end numbers that lean stretch could be challenging to ingest.

No leader likes to see their group relaxing the workplace having a pity celebration. Rather, build this market reality right into your schedule as well as ramp up your advertising and marketing activities during sales lulls.

Why should you purchase advertising and marketing to your target audience when they typically aren’t buying?

1. To stay front and also fixate their radar– especially if you target the corporate market.

2. To increase their understanding of you

3. To accentuate you

4. To highlight the added worth you offer

5. To create a wish to continuously hear what you need to say

What type of advertising can you do when no one is buying?

Your advertising group could utilize this time around to plan as well as routine all marketing methods for 2006 and also get them arranged and also booked.

* If you will certainly be a conference speaker in April, they have to set up a timeline for drafting the speech, shipping handouts to the location, establishing the PowerPoint discussion to choose it, the press release, web site promotion, traveling plans, and so on

* If you will certainly present a new item, service or program in June, they need to work out all the specifics for the most comprehensive and also reliable rollout with sufficient lead-time to execute all the pieces, or recognize voids to be completed a timely fashion.

* If you have boosted your advertising and marketing budget for 2006– this is a fun time to create several of those marketing pieces or employ contractors/freelancers to develop them for you.

* If you have a 2006 objective of increasing visibility in a new market, a new specific niche, or a new nation, the advertising group needs time to bone up on the nuances and also implications of this objective to prepare effective penetration strategies.

Your sales team does not have to be still throughout periodic sales time-outs either. Your sales pressure can use this moment to study growth possibilities for the company as well as their very own territories.

* Sales team can make use of the holiday season as a justification to followup every sale all year long with a short go to or a call: to personally say thank you for business, to ensure ongoing satisfaction with the product, solution and also the salesperson’s work as well as to bind customer commitment with solid connection.

* Furthermore, each customer get in touch with is an excellent opening to query them concerning their plans for the next year, to recognize client needs which your product/service can take care of in the brand-new year– i.e., hunting for 2006 add-on sales.

* Sales staff could additionally take some time to research the marketplace as well as their area vis-à-vis the firm’s 2006 objectives and also begin establishing sales methods as well as methods to accomplish the firm arrange and also reach their own allocations and rewards.

* Sales personnel could use this period for extra (interior or exterior) training to improve their craft.

Marketing is not a passive activity. You have to maintain the pipe complete. So, regularly, it is necessary to show and examine how you can renew your advertising and marketing initiatives. This lull in between the holidays is an ideal time to concentrate on all the behind-the-scenes advertising activities that will certainly make next year, your finest year yet!